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 QUESTION .- Can I have problems with other jobs while GoFaster is active?

ANSWER.- No. Not at all. GoFaster works as just another job under the same conditions and priorities as any other job. Its objective is to let the interactive jobs consume the CPU they need with no limitation other than the total CPU capacity for the AS/400, iSeries or System i5; and for this purpose it doesn’t need to bother any other job’s execution.

 QUESTION .- Is it true that CFINT is a task that could “collapse” the AS/400?

ANSWER .- CFINT is an OS/400 task which controls the job interruptions and at the same time, when the interactive CPW consumption reaches a certain level, it launches a loop action which consumes all the system resources with total priority.

 QUESTION .-Everybody talks about CFINT but I’ve never seen it. Is it in all machines?

ANSWER .- All the normal active jobs can be seen with WRKACTJOB, but the tasks can only be seen with WRKSYSACT and the Operations Navigator. GoFaster incorporates the WRKSYSAC2 module with which we can visualize the CFINT performance and observe how it reacts when the interactive CPW consumption increases and surpasses the established limit for each machine.

QUESTION .-I believe I understand the purpose of GoFaster, but before I consider going ahead and licensing it, I would like to test it in my own environment and to ensure there are no unforeseeable circumstances. May I have a trial copy to run in my installation?

ANSWER .-We understand that everybody wants to be sure that GoFaster gives a better performance on their machines; therefore, they can get a trial copy for a 12 day period. This period can be extended for any special requirements. If you wish to get a trial copy of GoFaster, you can download it from our website or we can send it by email or another way. In any event, you will need to ask for a trial access code. You can download GoFaster and ask for a trial code from Downloads.

QUESTION .-Is there technical support and specific maintenance service?

ANSWER .-Of course, each temporary license [ie limited term] includes full maintenance service and customers have the right to access any GoFaster version issued before or after they contract for their license(s). Every OS/400 change or PTF introduction will be answered with a new GoFaster release when needed, and every GoFaster user can ask for a new version. All of this is covered by a temporary license and it is up to customers to change releases as they require for their installation.

For unlimited use [ie permanent] licences, there is an optional 15% annual maintenance fee. This entitles customers to technical support, software enhancements and to move the GoFaster licence to another machine in the future without charge [this assumes a move to a machine with the same Processor Group rating and number of active processors; in other cases, there may be a small upgrade charge].

QUESTION .- Is it easy to install or uninstall GoFaster?

ANSWER .- GoFaster is a suite of programs and objects gathered together in a library, the name of which can be changed and it is sufficient to Restore, to Save or to Delete that library to install, manage or uninstall it. GoFaster works by running a series of programs making little changes that permit the full enhancement of the interactive performance. When those programs are not running there is no trace or effect anywhere on the system.